New fake band name: nouveau niche

If You Ever Wanted to Punch Me in the Face, Now Is the Time


"Extra Novicaine" is my new band name.

The band has has a few different names over the years.

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Wide Awake in Reno


is the name of the lastest album by my new band Insomnia On Any Coast.

Gullet Mullet


My newest fake band name.

I don’t know what they play. I don’t even know what it means, but my god it is perfect.

Bandolier of Tacos! — Fake Band Name (via raiselm)

New fake band name


Tushy Back-talk!


A gift from your friends in Arkansas.


A gift from your friends in Arkansas.

Saxual Tension

A 4 saxophone Barry White cover band.

Jus want to let you all know…


My band The Bejeaned Asses will be headlining Coachella.

We go on behind the showers that are next to the hot dog place on Saturday from 7 until they tell us we aren’t supposed to play music in the camping area.